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7 Digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2016

Online marketing is primarily about innovation and speed. The realities of online marketing keep changing quickly and sooner they can be adapted to the better the results. Every year unveils a fresh technology, a new approach and some brand new concepts. An effective marketing strategy is the one that stays in tune with all of these developments and constantly keeps evolving as per the demands of the time. Another key factor is all of this is identifying the right change makers and taking on the first movers advantage. This is exactly what we intend to help you identify and further sharpen your marketing strategy going forward. Waiting for an opportunity is passé, 2016 is going to be all about identifying an opportunity ahead of time and grabbing it before others. We have compiled a comprehensive list of top 7 digital marketing strategies that’s going to call the shots this year.

2016: Year of Videos

If you look at the ads on Facebook, Twitter or any other influential online medium, increasingly the focus seems to be on video ads. Yes, you are right videos more than ever are being one of the most important tools of online marketing. The popularity of this platform can be well assessed from the simple fact that even Google now lists video content in its search algorithm. This clearly indicates how users are finally accepting these videos as a tool to promote their business and to respond to these video ads from a user’s perspective.

Apps the Right Choice!

Just look around your immediate neighborhood, from ordering food to booking a cab or getting a beautician come at your doorstep, almost every business seem to have a brand new app for them. Apps, apart from simplifying the whole task of booking a service remotely, make a lot of economic sense for both the owners as well as users. For owners, apps significantly cut down overhead costs and follow-up expenses. From the user perspective too, it streamlines the entire procedure and also simplifies a complex chain of action. This increased user response may well turn the tide in favor of apps finally and 2016 is seen as a marquee year in this respect.

Rising Cost Of Online Advertising

Closely linked to the previous point, currently, apps are amongst the most cost efficient alternatives for advertisers. Given the wide-spread reach and efficiency of online advertising, the prices are set to shoot up at a lot faster pace than anticipated. While on the one hand we see 2016 as the year of more sustained innovations in the digital world, it is also set to attach a significantly higher billing rate to the services offered. With almost every second business opting for online advertising, costs are pointing northwards on a significantly longer term perspective than anticipated.

The Age Of Mobiles

The wide usage of smartphones across geographies quite amply bears their gradual dominance as the preferred form of accessing the internet and all things virtual. In fact even if you see the updated Google search engine algorithm, it is heavily in favor of mobile friendly sites and invariably these sites are listed on top of the search engines. While it will be juvenile to think that desktop traffic will disappear suddenly, the fact remains that mobile traffic is on the rise worldwide and will soon become the key benchmark driving innovation going forward in 2016 and beyond.

Scope Of Wearable Technology Widening

Another fundamental change in the digital world is the gradual convergence of multiple devices into one super-efficient mobile device. A perfect marriage of convenience, style and innovation, you are seeing that wearable technology is making inroads and gradually opening up its scope and reach across countries, professions and user approaches. Most of the wearable watches and other forms of wearable tech device give direct access to the web with minimal navigation and maximum security. Several major corporate are currently funding heavily on wearable technology and devices and see it as the next pit-stop for online advertising. Business owners are gradually catching on to this trend and gearing their innovation and marketing strategies in a way that it is optimized most on this platform.

Optimization Is Key

Another significant development that you might have witnessed is the need to optimize every single action online. From optimizing search engine actions to advertising initiatives through pay per click and other forms of business approach, the idea is to monetize online activities in every possible way. Cost efficiency has now given way to cost optimization in 2016. Every business owner is currently looking to add more value to their online offerings every time users access it. A merely listing online is no longer sufficient to drive your business.

Virtual Reality

Another major trend to watch out for in 2016 is the emergence of Virtual Reality as a major crowdpuller. There is a huge range of virtual reality devices that are set to debut over the next couple of years and 2016 is no doubt about getting the infrastructure ready to meet this challenge going forward. Popular VR devices like the Oculus Rift and other similar options are set to bring in a completely new type of online advertising that not just looks to cash in on this innovation but also connect popular social media platforms. In many ways, this could be the crucial dot joining video channels and even direct messaging options.


A close study of the top trends of 2016 therefore clearly highlights the gradual rise in the scope of the convergence theme. From wearable technology to adapting to Virtual Reality, digital marketing trends are not just geared to the Future Perfect mode but also more towards one solution fits all. Gone are the days where different mediums required a different type of attention. The new age theme and the trend for 2016 are well encapsulated by the wearable technology mantra, let all your digital needs be catered by one single device. Similar is the approach for digital marketing today.