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Making $100 A Day Starting Your Aliexpress Dropshipping Store


So you have been staring at your computer screen watching 100 different youtube videos, taking 11 Udemy courses and reading another blog article about getting started making money online. As you sit there days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. You jump from one idea to another and never actually get started on building anything for yourself. Eventually, you tell yourself that it’s not possible and you are not the type of person that can pull off making money online! Time to go back to you 9 to 5 job or start reading another business book!

Well your not the first and you won’t be the last person that I see this happen to. That was, me for many years as I told every one of my friends that “One Day I want to start my own business and never work for another person again.” I use to watch every youtube video showing how people were making money online, read about ten business books a month and continue to grind up the corporate ladder at my 9 to 5. I was a want enter. Then one day I sat at the office of my most current “glorious” corporate gig in NYC and said to myself “I’m done.” The next day is started figuring out how to start a drop shipping store that could make me enough money to leave the corporate heroin check and do what I wanted to do! It is not magic; it is not difficult, it just requires a taking the steps laid out below and continue to test products and ads until you hit your goal! No your not going to instantly have success with your first campaign! Yes, your second campaign and product most likely will not make any money! Heck, when I did this it took 13 Campaigns to make my money back and 17 before I hit $25 a day in profit! This is not a get rich quick. You have to learn and tack action!

1) Set Up Your Store

Shopify is the easiest software to use and get used to! If you have ever used WordPress or a basic website editor, it is easier than that. You will need to set up a Shopify account to run your store! I have a 14-day free trial here to help you out!

2) Research a product

There are multiple ways for you to research a product, but I would recommend seeing what is selling well on eBay and Amazon. You can use the filtered search to see what is selling on eBay and what is ranked the highest on Amazon. It is quite easy to find products that you can start selling on your store that will be profitable.

Advance tip: Use the product research tool to get a head start and accelerate your product success!

3) Register A Domain Name.

It might sound straight forward, but you need to make sure you buy a domain name that is generic in nature. For example, will be much better then simply because it allows you to have a greater variety of products on your site. If you go very specific with your domain name selection, then you will have focus only on the type of products your name is set up for. If that category is not selling well, you don’t have the flexibility to move into another category that could generate a ton of sales for you!

4) Connect your store to Oberlo

Oberlo, ( If you sign up with this link its free) will allow you to connect your store to Aliexpress. This is key since Aliexpress is going to be your supplier / dropshipper for all your products. When an order comes into your store, the order will be shipped directly from Aliexpress to your customers. This way you don’t have to hold any inventory, and you can just focus on making sales through your product selection and Facebook ad campaigns. Make sure you read Oberlo’s website to see all the details about how this works.

5) Select the right theme

On you’re Shopify store make sure you pick a theme that you are comfortable with. This means going to the Shopify theme store and selecting you favorite free or paid theme. It is important that you are happy with the look and feel of your website or you will never put the effort required to make your first sale.

6) Create a Logo and Find Royalty Free Pictures

Go to Google and Search for “Free Logo Maker”. This will come up with a huge selection of tools that will allow you to create a logo for free. Choose one of the tools and create a logo. For free photos to use on your site check out they are the best place to find pictures that you can use to build out your theme to look professional and sharp. Finally, if you need to crop or change the the size of a picture or logo check out which will allow you to edit any photo.

7) Use Oberlo to Import Products

Now that you did your product research go into the backend of Oberlo and start finding products that work well for you eCommerce Store. I would recommend having anywhere between 15 -20 products on your site before you launch. The should be in the price range of 7 – 49 dollars so that your consumers can buy them without thinking about it.

8) Launch your eCommerce Store

Hit that launch button! Make sure your theme is built out, you have a logo, you have products and those product pages look great!

9) Start testing Facebook ads against your products

Now when you’re running Facebook ads the formula is simple. 5 dollars a day against each of your top 5 products. Set up the advertisement, so it’s a Post Engagement ad type. Put a description in place that focuses on the consumer sharing the post and make sure you have a link to the product in the description. Run that ad for 4-7 days. If the ad is making you sales keep it running. If it is not making sales, kill it and move on to the next product.


10) Rinse and repeat until you get to $100 a day

Do this over and over until you are making $100 a day. Keep researching different videos, keep reading blog posts and keep testing!

Now the biggest challenge for you is taking action now! If you start this right now. Not tomorrow, not in an hour, you could