Why, When and How you should use Digital Marketing

The Why When and How of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a relatively new age phenomenon and is changing very rapidly in the technological arena. You would notice that businesses are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the curve in this fast changing scenario. Existing and conventional marketing initiatives are being valued added with digital initiatives to capture a bigger audience base and expand the scope of business through the highly lucrative online marketing initiatives. But some cardinal questions come to the fray, for example, why do you need digital marketing? When cam you decide that the time is ripe for some digital marketing and how do you need to fashion your digital marketing initiatives. Here are some key pointers.

The Why of Digital Marketing

The fundamental fact that you need to address is why you need digital marketing. Is it only because you see several others following it or is it because you need to further your business. Never be shy of either asking you this fundamental question or your peer group. As Simon Sinek suggests in his famous TED Talk, addressing ‘Why You Need Digital Marketing’ is a crucial step to take you forward in this aspect. By asking why one doesn’t just voice an obvious need but also helps fuel the need to probe deeper to get to the core of the matter and accomplish the ultimate purpose in a more balanced fashion. You need to encourage and inspire your team to ask why because this is what will help take your business forward digitally in a meaningful way.

Here is a brief outline of some of the fundamental ‘why’ of digital marketing that we have compiled:

  • Digital Marketing helps you achieve higher conversion rates. In fact statistics indicate a sharp 24% increase in conversion rate opening the doorway to better success and greater profitability
  • Digital Marketing can also result in a cost efficient way of conducting business. Especially for small and medium businesses, there has been a record 40% savings in expenses as a result of digital marketing initiatives.
  • Digital Marketing could also result in better and wider reach. Studies indicate that in the US alone nearly 91% of citizens keep their mobiles close to them all the time and digital marketing is the one unique way in which they can better reach this huge user base a lot more simply.

The When of Digital Marketing

The next important aspect of digital marketing is deciding when you need it. Scheduling the right time and place can always help optimize the impact of your initiative. Like Matt Cutts reveals in his TED Talks, it is never too late to make a beginning. The best ways to decide when you need digital marketing is by trying out the new idea for say 30 days and take call eventually. Trying out an initiative is helpful not just in determining the right time for it but also the extent of the operation is clearly borne out.

Here is a comprehensive compilation of some of the ‘when’ that a small or a medium business like yours can take as indicative timelines to start your digital marketing initiatives:

  • When the time comes for your business to start an aggressive competition with large corporate, digital marketing could often be the perfect response to make the maximum impact within minimum means that is most times a reality for most small and medium businesses.
  • When you need that competitive edge against your peers, digital marketing could be that sure solution that enables not just a better grip on marketing and promotional initiatives.
  • According to the Gartner report, the year 2020 will see an estimated 26 billion gadgets ranging from smartphones to wearable gadgets to shoes and many other forms that would prepare you for the internet of things. Therefore deciding on digital marketing today will enable you to be better prepared to take on the challenges of tomorrow.

The How of Digital Marketing

In the world of digital marketing, as Derek Sivers mentions in his famous TED Talk on How to Start a Movement, that the core idea driving  most digital marketing initiative is influence someone’s decision. Chances are you would need digital marketing for a range of action from driving traffic to a specific website to generating subscription for a blog. But whatever you might aim to achieve, it is important to talk and communicate about your idea and initiative and gradually introduce the idea to consumers whose decision will ultimately fashion your business growth.

To successfully conduct these talks, it is important to include key insights in your digital marketing strategy. These insights will throw better light on various aspects including what worked and what did not and ways to optimise the highly lucrative digital marketing channels. Here are some key examples of the same:

  • By creating how the fashion preferences of 30 plus women professionals changed, digital marketing played a pivotal role in both developing and further a chic business involving office clothing for women in that age bracket.
  • By looking for insights on how audience respond to a specific content Vs peers, app developers can use digital marketing initiatives to not just boost business but also boost future profitability.
  • By monitoring the various sentiment and brand mentions on social network, digital marketing can easily help you develop know-how on the target audience and make course correction with a lot more ease for better gains.


A point-wise analysis of the various elements of the why when and how of digital marketing clearly brings forth the inherent concept and thought to drive this new age marketing approach. One of the core fact that emerges from the many TED Talks on the issue is the need to be flexible, adaptive and innovative to bring in maximum gains. Moreover digital marketing can almost be considered an evolving art form that is perpetually going through various phases of development in sync with the technological advances seen all around us.

10 Valuable Digital Marketing #Trends That Will Make You A Stronger Marketer

10 Digital Trends Every Digital Marketer Should Know About

As you can well imagine that the digital marketing is a channel that is driven by technological innovation, and technology by nature is extremely dynamic. It constantly changes and keeps reinventing the rules of the game and digital marketing also dances around in the same tune. Therefore, for every astute digital marketer, it is extremely important to stay on top of the trend. Here is your list for 2016.

  1. Online Advertising the Way Forward: If you open your Facebook page or the Twitter handle or even on Youtube, the rate of promotional tweets or Facebook ads or in simple terms the social ads are on the rise. The rate of growth is so phenomenon that ad spends on the digital platform is set to surpass TV by 2017. Studies indicate that in 2015 alone, it has grown a whopping 17% plus to reach the $160 billion mark. In fact according to the predictions by eMarketer, ad spends on the social network alone is likely to cross $35 billion by 2017 and is on track to record a 15% plus growth annually. Therefore, as a digital marketer, it is important to keep your eye on the ball, allocate a well thought out Budget for your digital ad spends and strategize carefully to optimize your brand/product’s digital exposure. Action oriented ads on social networks will perhaps reign supreme, given the sense of purpose associated with it as against blatant promotion.
  2. Facebook & Twitter Not Your Only Port Of Call: Often digital marketers make the mistake of associating any kind of digital exposure with an exposure on Facebook or Google or perhaps Twitter. Well, it is the time that you understood that e-commerce has moved well beyond these primary mastheads of internet. There are several other channels of equally effective communication and as a digital marketer, it is very important to make a wise choice. Within Facebook, Twitter & Google too there is a constant effort to add and redefine roles. So these are the days of searching on Facebook and using Facebook as an ecommerce port. So look out for opportunities and don’t be afraid to experiment.
  3. The Buy Button: This is a derivation of what we were discussing. The Buy Button is upon us. Be it Facebook or Google, almost everyone is looking to bet big on these buttons. This trend of buying directly from a social site is likely to grow at a phenomenal rate and will lend a fresh dynamism to e-commerce.
  4. Tap On Podcasts: It is not uncommon to get a few meaningful glances if you suggest podcast in the current context. But all that is going to change soon. Just a mere look at numbers and data will make the story very clear for you. In America alone, approximately 46 million users listen to podcasts and an average user listens to about six a week. This indicates the rising popularity of podcasts and digital initiatives taken by many companies to make use of the breaks in programming for promotional activities bear testimony to the growing popularity of this medium.
  5. Video Streaming: Think about it, if you tweet about a stunning performance, and you upload an excerpt of the performance, what is likely to gain more attention? Undoubtedly it will be the Youtube excerpt. Yes that is the power of video, and that is why TV marketing replacing print promotion eventually, and digital platform is taking it a step further. Video streaming has enabled millions to access the video of their choice at their convenience and whatever time they wish to view it and in return they don’t mind a few seconds of promotional or ad videos that come attached to the video streaming they tune into. Data indicates that this trend is here to stay and will grow in leaps and bounds.
  6. Instagram the Next Destination of Choice: Visual stimulation is an important part of who we are and how we live our lives, and Instagram rightly recognized this need and converted it into a successful business proposition. It is, therefore, needless to mention that campaigns which can share this platform with its users, share their life experiences and pay heed to the visual story unfolding can no doubt make for better gains and a more impactful campaign. So it is time Digital marketers got their creative instincts in place and ensured that they cashed in majorly on this rising trend.
  7. When Wellness & Technology Marry: Thanks to the internet an increasing number of people are tuned into their health conditions and ways to use technology to improve it. More and more consumers are choosing digital tools and technology to ensure healthy living. People are not just searching for various types of health related information but also using technology to seek remedy, and this is one key aspect that digital marketers should learn to take advantage of. From wearable technology to apps, the opportunities are huge and the possibilities wide. An ideal example of this kind of promotional digital marketing is perhaps the app FitBark that enables you to monitor your dog’s sleep & feed patterns or the HealthKit developed by Apple and Nike to further your health and track your daily progress.
  8. Customized Targeting: When you follow the trends on a preferred social network like the Pinterest for example, you get access to a unique range of information which was hitherto not possible. It enables a digital marketer to access individual consumer preferences and ways to capitalize on it on a one on one basis. Buyable pins in sync with your specialised search trends are an ideal example.
  9. Tackling Adblockers: Perhaps the ad blockers are a digital marketer’s worst enemy and biggest nightmare. Native ads are one simple approach to overcome this major problem. They look and read like non-marketing content and therefore escape the ad blocker’s scrutiny and get advertised. Going forward this will play a key role.
  10. The Mobile Mania: Digital marketing is gradually getting segregated into various subparts and customized promotional strategy for mobile users has become very important. Going forward mobile marketing will overtake desktop strategy and pave the future approach.


All in all, the bottom line is digital marketing is synonymous with dynamism, making the trend your friend is the best approach going forward.

7 Digital marketing trends to watch out for in 2016

Online marketing is primarily about innovation and speed. The realities of online marketing keep changing quickly and sooner they can be adapted to the better the results. Every year unveils a fresh technology, a new approach and some brand new concepts. An effective marketing strategy is the one that stays in tune with all of these developments and constantly keeps evolving as per the demands of the time. Another key factor is all of this is identifying the right change makers and taking on the first movers advantage. This is exactly what we intend to help you identify and further sharpen your marketing strategy going forward. Waiting for an opportunity is passé, 2016 is going to be all about identifying an opportunity ahead of time and grabbing it before others. We have compiled a comprehensive list of top 7 digital marketing strategies that’s going to call the shots this year.

2016: Year of Videos

If you look at the ads on Facebook, Twitter or any other influential online medium, increasingly the focus seems to be on video ads. Yes, you are right videos more than ever are being one of the most important tools of online marketing. The popularity of this platform can be well assessed from the simple fact that even Google now lists video content in its search algorithm. This clearly indicates how users are finally accepting these videos as a tool to promote their business and to respond to these video ads from a user’s perspective.

Apps the Right Choice!

Just look around your immediate neighborhood, from ordering food to booking a cab or getting a beautician come at your doorstep, almost every business seem to have a brand new app for them. Apps, apart from simplifying the whole task of booking a service remotely, make a lot of economic sense for both the owners as well as users. For owners, apps significantly cut down overhead costs and follow-up expenses. From the user perspective too, it streamlines the entire procedure and also simplifies a complex chain of action. This increased user response may well turn the tide in favor of apps finally and 2016 is seen as a marquee year in this respect.

Rising Cost Of Online Advertising

Closely linked to the previous point, currently, apps are amongst the most cost efficient alternatives for advertisers. Given the wide-spread reach and efficiency of online advertising, the prices are set to shoot up at a lot faster pace than anticipated. While on the one hand we see 2016 as the year of more sustained innovations in the digital world, it is also set to attach a significantly higher billing rate to the services offered. With almost every second business opting for online advertising, costs are pointing northwards on a significantly longer term perspective than anticipated.

The Age Of Mobiles

The wide usage of smartphones across geographies quite amply bears their gradual dominance as the preferred form of accessing the internet and all things virtual. In fact even if you see the updated Google search engine algorithm, it is heavily in favor of mobile friendly sites and invariably these sites are listed on top of the search engines. While it will be juvenile to think that desktop traffic will disappear suddenly, the fact remains that mobile traffic is on the rise worldwide and will soon become the key benchmark driving innovation going forward in 2016 and beyond.

Scope Of Wearable Technology Widening

Another fundamental change in the digital world is the gradual convergence of multiple devices into one super-efficient mobile device. A perfect marriage of convenience, style and innovation, you are seeing that wearable technology is making inroads and gradually opening up its scope and reach across countries, professions and user approaches. Most of the wearable watches and other forms of wearable tech device give direct access to the web with minimal navigation and maximum security. Several major corporate are currently funding heavily on wearable technology and devices and see it as the next pit-stop for online advertising. Business owners are gradually catching on to this trend and gearing their innovation and marketing strategies in a way that it is optimized most on this platform.

Optimization Is Key

Another significant development that you might have witnessed is the need to optimize every single action online. From optimizing search engine actions to advertising initiatives through pay per click and other forms of business approach, the idea is to monetize online activities in every possible way. Cost efficiency has now given way to cost optimization in 2016. Every business owner is currently looking to add more value to their online offerings every time users access it. A merely listing online is no longer sufficient to drive your business.

Virtual Reality

Another major trend to watch out for in 2016 is the emergence of Virtual Reality as a major crowdpuller. There is a huge range of virtual reality devices that are set to debut over the next couple of years and 2016 is no doubt about getting the infrastructure ready to meet this challenge going forward. Popular VR devices like the Oculus Rift and other similar options are set to bring in a completely new type of online advertising that not just looks to cash in on this innovation but also connect popular social media platforms. In many ways, this could be the crucial dot joining video channels and even direct messaging options.


A close study of the top trends of 2016 therefore clearly highlights the gradual rise in the scope of the convergence theme. From wearable technology to adapting to Virtual Reality, digital marketing trends are not just geared to the Future Perfect mode but also more towards one solution fits all. Gone are the days where different mediums required a different type of attention. The new age theme and the trend for 2016 are well encapsulated by the wearable technology mantra, let all your digital needs be catered by one single device. Similar is the approach for digital marketing today.