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Taking The Leap: Importance of Running Facebook Ads For Your Business

There has been one concern I’ve been receiving lately from you guys, and it’s that people are scared to run Facebook Ads. Now, why is this such a big deal and why should people not get afraid? I’ll give you one reason, with Facebook ads, I was able to accelerate my business. Whether that be my E-Commerce business, my drop shipping store, or Amazon store, using Facebook Ads gets good results. People seem to be intimidated by Facebook Ads because if they run one and nothing happens, they think it’s failure. Now, that’s not really the case – if we approach this from an Aliexpress based drop shipping store the fundamental technique to finding a product that works is to run 10-20 Facebook Ads in several products to see which one is biting.

So you’re gonna investest $5 to $15 dollars against one product and running and awareness-based Ad with a link to click on to buy the product. Some of these Ads will “fail,” but out of those 10 or so Ads, 1 or 2 will start to break even and make money. Once you find which of those Ads are doing great, you can begin to scale it leading to more traffic to your website and more profits. Then, you can start targeting people who clicked on those Ads, so the ones who didn’t buy right away are more likely to buy the product the next time they see the Ad. So even though it took 20 different Ads at $10 a piece (a total of $200) to find a winning product, that product can then scale to be worth thousands of dollars in income for you. So if you’re not learning and testing the field of Facebook Ads, you’re not doing it right and you’re missing a great opportunity for your business and brand to grow.

Now, if you’re trying to build your own brand and you run Facebook Ads, but it’s not going too great right away you’re still creating awareness. So people will start to recognize your name – no one will buy your products if they don’t know who you are! The first Ads draws the people in your face, your products image, or your logo, so the next time they see it they will recognize it. It’s like a trigger going on in their heads saying, “Hey I know that product, maybe I’ll stop and look at it again!” And maybe they’ll read more information about it and start building inspiration which will lead to a desire and a purchase.

So even if you don’t see an instant result with your Facebook Ads, don’t quit right away! You are doing yourself a great disservice by losing the ability to start reaching to your audience and building a relationship with them. Facebook Ads on top of organic or YouTube advertising is extremely important when it comes to building your business. Whether it’s a drop shipping store or your own brand, they provide a ton of value for growth.






Scaling Your Online Business Using Virtual Assistants From The Philippines

What’s up guys! It’ been awhile since I’ve posted since I’m currently here in Davao City, Philippines meeting with my workers and getting things running. Now, I’ve stated in a recent post that the Philippines is a great place to hire Virtual Assistants.  As you continues to gain more connection and as your business grows, you’re going to need more people to make sure the business grows as it should be.

Being a solopreneur might just be the most liberating experience in your life.  Especially when you’re starting to make money and be able to support your own lifestyle. You’re finally your own boss!  But once you start to scale your business, problems will arise. One, in particular, is how to make sure all parts of your business are expanding well. So what should you do? Hire Virtual Assistants! When it comes to hiring employees, I personally think that the Philippines is a great place.  Actually, all my current none development talent is based in Davo.


One of the reasons why I’m setting up an office here in Davao is to build more relationships that can help me in the future as the business continues to scale. I’m planning to go to Davao on a regular basis to continues to meet with my employees and continue to expand my business network. You see, Davao is such a great city! It’s clean and a relatively safe place to live in. I can basically walk around at the 3 AM without the worry of getting mugged. Staying here is also quite cheap, with Air BNB you can stay in the room for about $20 a night, you can go cheaper and higher, but it all depends on your preference.


Davao is an ideal city to start hire  VAs, there a lot of online options, but I personally prefer meeting them in person.  A 1-on-1 relationship with your VA builds a level of trust between yourselves that is essential to building a successful business. Virtual Assistants will help you achieve the potential of your business to its fullest. As you grow, hiring Vas and setting up offices in the Philippines is a great way to scale.


For those working on scaling their E-Commerce store, Davao is a great location to set up an office. If you’re looking for Virtual Assistant (VA) you can reach out to me on my YouTube channel or my email account at [email protected] or you can just leave a comment below. I know a lot of people here who can help you find trustworthy employees. With the right VA, your business is sure to grow leaps and bounds.


So, if ever you’re needing help or have any questions regarding VAs here in the Philippines feel free to contact me!

Entrepreneurial Digital Nomad Living in Denver Colorado

Digital Nomad Entrepreneur in Denver ColoradoA few weeks ago I started my year long adventure around the world. This plan all started in July when my old company and myself decided to part ways. It was one of the most liberating feelings in the world. Walking away from the world that I have been involved with for over seven years and starting from scratch. It was the most exciting and nerve-racking experience I have ever been through. Fast forward to September first and I was on a plane to Denver Colorado to work and see my good friends Ethan and Tim for ten days.

Denver is easy one of my favorite cities in the world. The combination of nature( Mountains, Rivers, Lakes) and modern city progressive policies is a combination to get attached to. Marijuana Dispensaries are surround by corporate sky rises, parks, and gyms. You will find a vast range of individuals from all around the United States and the world that moved to the city for one reason or another. The culture, food, atmosphere and diversity brings an exciting twist to the modern city.

With all that Denver has to offer you will also find a thriving Digital Nomad and Entrepreneurial culture that drives the innovation throughout the city. Big tech companies including Google and Twitter are starting to move to the city as tech and marketing talent continues to grow year over year. With this influence of corporations, you see other startups starting to call Denver home. Ibotta the biggest coupon app on the Apple App Store who has raised over 60 million finds themselves located in downtown Denver. You will also find a few Weworks and other co-working spaces pop up throughout the city. The city is a thriving community for any individual that is working to build their own business and life. If I move back to the United States, I most likely will call Denver home.

The majority of digital nomads here in Denver work on eCommerce and Amazon FBA Businesses. The Rocky Mountain Resellers conference is based in Denver where you will find mainly eCommerce entrepreneurs including The Amazing Seller.

You can find a quick summary of my trip to Denver above. I spent a lot of my time visiting Ethan but during that time I took some time to find the best coffee shops, co-working spaces, and Hostels for anyone that is planning to take a trip to this great city.


Little Owl Coffee Shop – 1555 Blake St #150, Denver, CO 80202

Purple Door Coffee – 2962 Welton St, Denver, CO 80205

Thump Coffee – 1201 E 13th Ave, Denver, CO 80218

Little Owl Coffee In Denver Colorado A great place to work as a digital nomad

Little Owl Coffee In Denver Colorado A great place to work as a digital nomad

Co- Working Spaces:

Thrive Workplace – $25 a Visit

UncubedSpace  – $200 a Month

Green Space:– $150 for 3 days per weeks

Green Space Coworking for Digital Nomads in Denver Colorado

Green Space Coworking for Digital Nomads in Denver Colorado


Hostel Fish – $40-50 a Day

Entreprenuer Digital Nomad in Denver Colorado - Hostel Fish

Entreprenuer Digital Nomad in Denver Colorado – Hostel Fish

If you plan on visiting for a week or a few months, a combination of staying at Hostelfish at night working at coffee shops two days a week and grabbing a membership for 150 a month at Greenspace would be a great combination to work connect and explore Denver.

A full month in Denver without flight would cost you about:

Housing: 1000 – 1400 USD
Coworking Space: 150-200 USD
Monthly Food and Activity: 600-900 USD

Total: 1750 – 2500 USD

Now if you planned on staying longer, you could grab short term leases or sublets on Craigslist for less than staying at hostels, but you would lose the daily community that comes along with staying at a hostel. There is so much opportunity that comes out of a hostel style living situation that I would recommend it to anyone that is traveling and working on their business full time.

Score for Denver: 9.2