The Cost of Hiring A Virtual Assistant For Your E-Commerce or Online Business

There comes a time in every successful startup or online business where you begin to expand your company. As a business owner, time is precious and it should be spent doing important things that you’re good at. Now, don’t get me wrong, each part of a business, no matter how small or big it is, is important. But somethings are worth paying someone else to do. That’s where virtual assistants come to play.

In this post, I’m gonna be talking to you about virtual assistants (VA) and why I think the Philippines is one of the best places for you to hire one. Virtual assistants are handy for just about any kind of online business, whether it would be an e-commerce site, and amazon account, or a persona brand, these outsourced workers can be of great help. They are a cost effective way to further expand your business and to make sure that certain tasks are taken care of while you can focus on more important matters of the company

Why The Philippines Is A Great Location Find Virtual Assistants

So why the Philippines? Well, their English proficiency is high, their work ethic is strong, and they’re generally easy to work with. The cost of virtual assistants in the Philippines vary greatly depending on their skill level. Whether they’re a video editor, an SEO expert, or an assistant that helps you manage social media sites, rates differ depending on the amount of technical knowledge and skill needed to complete the task. Since the majority of individuals here in the Philippines speak English, they are easier to communicate with compare to other countries, which will help you coordinate with them better.

How Much Do Virtual Assistants Cost?

The rate of virtual assistants in the Philippines vary from $3 to $10, and even up to $15, but the average costs are around $4-$7 and hour for virtual assistants. You don’t even have to hire full time for virtual assistants, you can hire tasked based where each task costs an “X” amount of dollars, part-time (20 hours a week), or full-time (40 hours a week). I have friends who have virtual assistants here in the Philippines, some of them even have 2 upwards to 10 virtual assistants — so this is very scalable.

Working With Your VAs In The Philippines

When you find yourself having to hire 2 or more virtual assistants you can work with a virtual assistant company that can help you assign and monitor your employees, or sets up your own office in the Philippines so you can come over and meet with your virtual assistants in a semi-regular basis.  A roundtrip ticket to the Philippines cost around $100, which make it easy for you to meet with your virtual assistants every couple of months for a few days.

The use of tracking software like Skype or Upwork can help you monitor the day-to-day tasks of your virtual assistants. Personally, I have a great working relationship with my VA and he actually does work on various parts of my business. We usually communicate each other through Skype or Email. We have done tracking in the past, but it’s something that he hasn’t done recently because he just creates a great work for me that a level of trust has been built between us. That’s why it’s important to have a means of communication with your VA on a regular basis, to build that trust which makes things more efficient.

In conclusion, if you have the finances to do so and you’re looking to scale your business, jumping on the virtual assistant bandwagon is an excellent decision. Doing things on your own at the start is good, but as you want to expand your business even further having VAs on your team that are trustworthy and loyal to you will help you grow exponentially.

Eric Lafleche